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Crypto and Derivative Markets

These three categories of markets follow a four-stage progression: creation, betting, reporting and settlement. Markets can be created by anyone based on either a cryptocurrency market cap, ranking, value or any other real-world event like boxoffice collection for movies or results of a tennis match. Trading begins immediately after the market is created, and all users are free to trade on any market. After the event on which the market is based has occurred, the outcome of the event is determined by the oracle. Once the outcome is determined, traders can collect their payouts.

Why you will love Koala!

Global Access

Have access to universal markets anytime, anywhere using our decentralized and permissionless Koala protocols.

Curated Markets

KOALA token holders along with the council will act as a governance board to curate a high-quality prediction market.

On-chain Governance

Koala is decentralized and is governed by the community using the Koala Token. Be an acting stakeholder and shape the future of the Koala Protocol.

Liquidity Mining

Liquidity Providers are incentivized to provide liquid markets, earn trading fees and yield farming rewards.

Referral Mining

Help Koala grow more by referring Koala markets to your known ones and earn free $KOALA on every successful referral.

Defi powered rewards model

Get incentivized for creating markets and guaranteed on-chain reward settlements for successful predictions.

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