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Non-custodial, Multi-chain, Gamified DeFi prediction protocol on  

Koala is an advanced non-custodial, multi-chain, Gamified DeFi prediction protocol available for different types of markets such as crypto, sports, entertainment, gamified airdrops, and grid bots.

The Koala decentralized prediction markets

  • Gamified Airdrops

    Use the Koala Gamified Airdrop platform for your new crypto projects to enhance your reach and increase your engagement. Users participating in Koala gamified airdrops get a chance to win a newly launched token/cryptocurrency for FREE.

  • Grid Bot Battle

    Harness the Koala bot blockchain to power a new era of financial bots. Build and deploy futuristic Grid bots that maximize returns through grid trading with dummy currency pairs. Traders can bet using Koala tokens on bots they think will outperform.

  • AI Bot Battle

    Build and deploy AI bots with Cutting Edge Deep Learning Technologies that predict the values of an event. Traders will have the ability to stake their KOALA token on a bot that they feel would perform well for that event.

  • Crypto and Derivatives

    Participate in the high yield market by predicting the future value of assets through our advanced platform. Koala provides traders unparalleled access to new decentralized crypto and derivatives prediction markets.

  • Sports

    Outdoor sports predictions are a hit. Don’t be isolated, instead enter into the world of sports prediction and keep earning through Koala. Predict your favorite sports by taking positions in the high yield market.

  • Entertainment

    Wondering which movie is taking a hit in the next box office? Using Koala tokens, participate with your prediction in the never-ending entertainment industry and keep winning.

Can you predict?

Why you will love Koala!

Global Access

Have access to universal markets anytime, anywhere using our decentralized and permissionless Koala protocols.

Curated Markets

KOALA token holders along with the council will act as a governance board to curate a high-quality prediction market.

On-chain Governance

Koala is decentralized and is governed by the community using the Koala Token. Be an acting stakeholder and shape the future of the Koala Protocol.

Liquidity Mining

Liquidity Providers are incentivized to provide liquid markets, earn trading fees and yield farming rewards.

Referral Mining

Help Koala grow more by referring Koala markets to your known ones and earn free $KOALA on every successful referral.

Defi powered rewards model

Get incentivized for creating markets and guaranteed on-chain reward settlements for successful predictions.

Our Roadmap

  • TheKoala.Finance was founded.

    Q4 2020

    Today was the day we founded TheKoala.Finance - A decentralized prediction market.

  • Whitepaper and testnet launch on Avalanche

    Q2 2021
    • Release of whitepaper
    • Crypto based prediction market testnet launch on Avalanche
    • Development of market referrals smart contract & UI
    • Community building & marketing
  • Beta Launch, Staking & More

    Q3 2021
    • Security audit of smart contracts.
    • Beta launch of crypto based prediction market on Avalanche
    • Introduce staking for yield farming and boost mode for crypto based market
    • Onchain governance for crypto based prediction market
    • Market referrals testnet launch on Avalanche.
    • Development of gamified airdrop market smart contracts & UI
  • Gamified airdrop prediction testnet launch & Koala SDK

    Q4 2021
    • Launch of crypto based prediction on Binance smart chain
    • Security audit of gamified airdrop smart contract
    • Gamified airdrop prediction market testnet launch
    • Koala typescript SDK
    • Release of whitepaper for Bot engine
  • Gamified Airdrop & Bot Engine

    Q1 2022
    • Beta launch of Gamified airdrop prediction market on Avalanche & BSC
    • Development of Bot engine blockchain (Cosmos SDK & Tendermint)
    • SDKs to easily deploy bots
  • Launch of Bot Engine

    Q2 2022
    • Beta launch of Bot engine blockchain
    • Bridge between Koala Markets and Bot engine
    • Registration open for 1st grid bot battle

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